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Ukraine has a long tradition of teaching medicine and the dentistry as well. And this is not surprising — in this country are located some of the oldest educational institutions in Europe. Now ukrainian universities — Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv — are popular among foreign, particularly Indian, students. Universities are quite large, and among studying foreigners one can meet not only citizens of India, but also other parts of Asia, Africa and even the Caribbean. In such an international composition the foreign student will be fairly easy to get comfortable. Pay attention that usually Ukrainian people are friendly to foreign guests but you should be careful – big country, different men, different culture.
Study Dentistry in Ukraine?

• Youth needn`t to pass language exams like TOEFL, IELTS and the like, but they should know English at a high enough level for mastering the material, as every will study dentistry in Ukraine in English.
• It’s not so expensive as in other places – you pay less money to learn and good enough education; cheaper is not only a contract for training, but also the cost of accommodation and meals, travel and entertainment;
• There is no so much problems with visa to UA, as in other European countries; Ukrainian consulates are loyal enough by youth and you shouldn’t keep a lot of documents and pay a lot of money; parents of students will also be able to get a visa to visit their children.
• Good practice – due to low prices there is a lot of patients from all over the world to Ukrainian dentists. And this is easily explained — there is a relatively low cost dental treatment in UA, and the quality is very decent. Ukrainian dentists always follow all the innovations in the dentistry, hold many seminars and conferences, regularly raising their qualifications in dentistry.
• Every graduate will receive after education standard European diploma in dentistry — on the basis of existing agreements any diploma of Ukrainian medical schools are recognized in other countries. And someone needn’t to receive any other documents to work in European or Indian clinics. Moreover, there is a possibility of practicing here in UA in well equipped clinics.
• You’ll just like this place!

Reasons to study dentistry in university in Ukraine

After all, is one the best countries for Indian students to study dentistry. Due to the fact that this practice has existed for many years, it is always the opportunity to seek advice and advice from a graduate of any university in almost any specialty. And specialized organizations with many years of experience will always help you choose the right direction, submit documents and get a visa. The choice of specialties is quite large, it is usually not difficult to enroll, the attitude towards foreign students is quite loyal from the university management. For practice there are quite a lot of hospitals and clinics, with experienced doctors. For those who decide to devote themselves to medicine, there are many opportunities for development. In addition, after obtaining a diploma, all students have the opportunity to continue their studies at American or European universities. If you want to be a good dentist – UA is the right choice, this is confirmed by numerous patients from all over the world
To study dentistry in Ukraine – is not an easy task. But this is the right place for those who want to become a good doctor and are not afraid of difficulties along the way. For those who doubt if study, they can find organizations ready to help, suggest, organize. So let’s try – and you’ll become a medicine bachelor.