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The cheapest universities in Europe

When someone chooses a university, its value plays an important role. Very often, young men from countries such as India, Pakistan, Iraq, choose educational institutions in Europe. This is understandable — European education has very long traditions that allow us to count on a decent future with a diploma. But life and study in Old World is far from cheap. So what are the cheapest universities in Europe for international students?

First of all it should be noted that to receive low-cost education in western countries, the most important condition is knowledge of the language — English or local — Italian, Czech, Polish. Low-cost contracts involve learning in a local language, which can be difficult when continuing to study in another country. And admission suggests passing the exam type TOEFL. And even the cheapest universities in Europe for bachelors will require deep knowledge in languages and special subjects. Moreover, not every faculty has the same price. The most expensive as usual are all medical faculties.

So what are the cheapest medical universities in Europe? There are a lot of institutes in Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and other countries; they could offer different scholarship programs to help with payments of contracts and living? But in our days the best option is Ukraine. There are 8 medical high schools in the country and all of them are waiting foreign people every year. You may choose of Odessa or Kharkiv, Kyiv or Vinnytsia, Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk

Why should one choose Ukraine?
• The cheapest universities in Europe for Indian students the same — contracts and living.
• Despite the low prices — a fairly high-quality education with a long tradition and a good methodological base.
• Low prices but high quality is about living in Ukraine. You can always have here good food, clear water, cosy houses, and affordable transport. In many matters the standard of living is not inferior to European, but often cheaper.
Applicants do not have to confirm their level of knowledge of the English language, which allows you to save on the often expensive exams as TOEFFL or IELTS.
• In every high school here in Ukraine young people could find support in the form of specialized companies that can help the young men in all emerging issues. Due to the large flow of students from India to Ukraine these companies are quite skilled and professional.
• Parents of applicants may not worry that their children will be left alone with new responsibilities and unusual circumstances.
• The cost of a contract, meaning studying and living in Ukraine is rather low, students are provided with a hostel, there are a lot of benefits for transport.
• The bachelor’s degree of the majority of Ukrainian institutes is recognized in Europe, which makes it possible, if necessary, to continue studying in any of the medical schools of other countries.

The cheapest universities in Europe for international students who want to study medicine are in Ukraine. Every student can find here good education, internationally recognized diploma, quality base aftergraduate school and, of course, interesting and diverse student life. 8 classical medical colleges and a large number of institutions with other specializations are available for applicants. All regions of country are represented, with their own peculiarities and traditions. In addition, a big plus would be that it’s not difficult for parents to get a visa to visit their children. Thus, Ukrainian colleges can be the best and cheapest start for a successful career of any applicant.