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Arpit Gangwar

India, Farrukhabad

Student of 1 course

My Story

How did you choose University?

I choose it by seeing its detail on internet …i got it as result while searching best Medical universty in Ukraine.

What was the main in choosing of University? And why MBBS ?

The main criteria on choosing univrsty was :

— as it is goverment hundreds of years old, being doctor and serving for people was my chilhood dream which slowly turns into becoming that … so i choose mbbs

Why did you choose Odessa?

As Odessa has best climate we can enjoy both winters (snowfall) and summer time .  It has number of beaches for enjoyment.

How did you find Leader Education ?

I found firstly J D Academy Company through internet. They helped me  a lot and sent me to Ukraine where i have met Leader Education.

What was the first impression about company?

Its unpredictable services … and helping nature of all members associated with leader education

What fears and doubts did you have?

when i was about to come over here … there were  millions of questions local area, people over there,communication,hostel rooms food ,university, study pattern,teachers etc.

Few words about flight and hostel settlement ?

all was super we didn’t get any kind of problem… while reaching hostel…  and hostel rooms were very good well furnished …

Hostel living how is it?

hostel living is very nice … well maintained, provided by library and russian books for studing .  We enjoy alot in hostel … in all we are living great hostel life with our friends

Tell about communication with Ukrainian citizens

We have to communicate with them in russian … eventually it will take time to learn but its nice to learn their language to communicate with them as people over there are having great behaviour and respect  for indians …

Taking part in Social life

well socially i have just taken part in green university clean university event…and on workng over it was great fun with friends …    we also gather to worship lord krishna in iscon temple .. and make that event beautifull… in academics i have passed my frst year with good marks .. and have good study plans for further years … and surely gonna work over it
Thank you.