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Alka Rani


Student of 1 course

My Story

How did I choose the university?

I choose ONMedU after going through a lot of other institutions in different countries. While going through several sites of internet, I came across ONMedU. I checked all the details and compared them with the others. Later a seminar was held in Lucknow by Leader Education. All the details were clearly expressed. My parents and I interacted with the faculty after the seminar about the process. After checking and clarifying everything I chose ONMedU.

What was the main reason for choosing this university? And why MBBS in particular?

The main thing I looked for is quality education. I didn’t want to trouble my parents as well because of high price. In ONMedU there is a quality education at an affordable price. The same degree is attained even if done in India. Becoming a DOCTOR has been my childhood dream. I got inspiration from my mom. She is a doctor, so even I dreamt of becoming like her and curing people.

Why did I choose Odessa?

Odessa is so friendly, and I know there is one very funny holiday celebration only in this city of Ukraine that is held every April and all the people make fun of each other, mood becomes very good. There are beautiful parks and gardens all over the place. The weather is very peaceful and calm. There are several beaches present for relaxation. The people of the country are also very kind and loving. The cost of living is comparatively lower than in the other huge countries.

How did I find Leader Education?

I came across the official website of Leader Education on internet. I went through their Facebook page and messaged to the agency. Within few hours I got the response. I talked to the manager and even attended the seminar. I felt it is very genuine and trustworthy. The Leader Education Facebook page is very informative and colorful, it gives a very detailed explanation of many questions I had, even about the students life, Leader Education services, Odessa description and life here.

What are your impressions about the company?

At the very first interaction, the company provided genuine information about the fees structure and process of documentation. The team members were kind and very helpful during the entire process. I talked to DR. ASHU RAWAT, he is very kind. He talked to my parents and built confidence to move abroad. Overall, the company is very trustworthy and on point at work.

What fears and doubts did you have?

Honestly, I was afraid of how the environment will be as it is my first time being away from parents in the hostel. I was scared about guidance as it is a new place and new people. But the seniors and company members helped me to overcome these fears. All my doubts of the hostel facility and university were cleared after I reached Odessa.

Can you please tell us few words about your flight and the hostel settlement?

Flight facility was good. The manager of LEADER EDUCATION joined the students to give send off at the New Delhi airport. There was no problem throughout the journey related to comfort. The Leader Education Customer Care Manager met us upon reaching Odessa. He took us to the hostel and all the seniors helped us with setting our things. The food facility in the hostel was good as informed.

Hostel living how is it?

Hostel life is quite comfortable. All the basic requirements are provided. The rooms are furnished. As all students stay together, it feels homely. We cook together and spend time studying or relaxing. There are supermarkets nearby. So it’s easy to get something quickly when in need. There are 2 kitchens per each floor where everyone can cook anything he/she likes. There is also a very comfy cafeteria serving both Indian and Ukrainian food.

Tell us please about your communication with the Ukrainian people and how you take part in social life.

In order to communicate with the Ukrainians, it is better to learn the Ukrainian language that is taught at the university. Till then seniors help us in buying things and other works. Overall, it is not a very big problem. Our hostel has a very good location with a convenient distance to many city attractions where my friends and I like to go, for example parks, cinema, playground for different sports activities (like golf for example).