advantages of studying medicine in ukraine

disadvantages of studying mbbs in ukraine

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Advantages of studying medicine in Ukraine

Why there are so many talk about medical school in Ukraine? Obviously, it means that this country has really impressive education. Especially it’s worth noticing the MBBS Ukraine advantages for an Indian students, since there are a lot of great options for foreign entrants. That’s why we have to discuss and describe the main advantages of studying medicine in Ukraine and the reasons why you should get medical degree exactly in this country.

Is there some kind of innovative system of education or just lower costs?

What if we answer that education in Ukraine is different indeed and generally cheaper than in most of other countries? In this case we have perfect example of medical school, which doesn’t demand some huge expenses from students and at the same time gives quality knowledge. Sounds alluringly and for some of you it may seem too good to be true. Don’t try to find a trick — there are no exaggerations, since educational programs and proposes in Ukrainian institutions are actually interesting and attractive for international entrants.

You may already know about the tremendous cost difference between European and American medical schools, as well as Ukrainian one. You save thousands of dollars in case of preferring to study in Ukraine and it’s not an alternative for those who can’t afford to study in Europe or USA. If you have an opportunity to enter university without huge money losses and you take it, then you do the reasonable choice. As for education quality — you can be sure that in Ukrainian medical institutions you will get the knowledge you’re looking for, proven by decades of practice and recognizable throughout the world.

There must be some cons!

Of course it can’t be so perfect, that’s why we will briefly list and compare advantages and disadvantages of studying medicine in Ukraine for more real picture of education in this country. Let’s start with cons:

  • Difficulties in communication because of unknown language
  • Adaptation to other culture, social aspects and features
  • Significant remoteness from home

And here are the pros:

  • Studying in respectable educational establishments
  • Opportunity to become a medical specialist easier and cheaper
  • New impressions, acquaintances and discovers
  • Saturated student life and help from university’s program for foreigners
  • Recognizable diplomas and certificates that help you in further career
  • Accommodation in comfortable hostels
  • Wide choice of faculties and specializations, including postgraduate studying

Looking at all these advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine, you can reconsider your decision on admission in favor of Ukrainian medical institutions.

Why the difference in fees is so high?

Despite the most of features, many of you may still ask the question about low costs of medical education in Ukraine. Well, the difference is so noticeable mainly because of the exchange rate. Yes, even the best Ukrainian universities can be inferior to institutions in Europe and USA on many points, but it they nevertheless have their own advantages and there are a lot of them, as you have already discovered.

Maybe economics in Ukraine is not so developed as they could be, but at the same time it gives you a lot of freedom in financial aspect. What will you choose — full course that costs over $260 000 or about $33 000? Yes, it depends on a lots of things, but the difference in fees is often become a decisive factor for students from India, Africa and other countries. So, now you can compare all the positive and negative moments about studying in Ukraine and make the right choice, which will predetermine your bright future!