High-quality higher education and great prospects in a career

Dreams about high-quality higher education and great prospects in a career are not difficult to achieve. Leader Education will help you to get European diploma and become a real professional. We successfully accompany the graduates of schools from India and South-East Asia in their admission to the Odessa National Medical University in Ukraine. We help at all stages and we take the first steps together on the way to your achievements and victories!

Why you can trust Leader Education

Leader Education is the official representative of the Odessa State Medical University. More than 12 years in the educational field in Europe have given us an incredible amount of experience. Thanks to that, a close-knit team of professionals takes care of comfortable conditions for studying, accommodation and quality of education in Ukraine. You can be confident in tomorrow and in your future with us!

The decision to leave your native country for a European education is not always easy and discourages by the number of documents, certificates and other paperwork. There are many questions that cannot always be answered without the assistance from outside. After all, another country has its own laws, mentality, lifestyle and fear of uncertainty may be strong enough.

In this case, it is rational to seek theassistance of competent specialists who can competently and accurately approach any situation. You always have the possibility to ask all the questions that may concern you on the way to obtain a higher medical education in Ukraine. After all, our offices are located in India and in Odessa. There are hundreds enthusiastic students, future professionals in their favorite business on our account, we are proud for each their graduation for. Moreover, during the years of study in Ukraine, each of them becomes our close acquaintance person.

Leader Education supports students

Leader Education supports students on a regular basis and assists to successfully solve any problems that arise in the process of studying or in everyday life. To achieve the new goals, to learn the new things, to adapt to the new country becomes very simple when there are like-minded people and experienced specialists nearby. We provide the full support from the moment of admission, registration, collection of necessary documents, accomodation in Ukraine. We provide the comfortable conditions for life and study till the graduation of the Odessa State Medical University and are always ready to help in any situations.

We have been asked very often why we offer to obtain a higher medical education in Ukraine. Compared with most European countries, training in Odessa is the most affordable. Moreover, it is not inferior in quality to the leading universities of the world. A warm pleasant climate, hospitable residents and opening prospects after the training make the choice quite obvious. Getting a European-style diploma in a beautiful city with an interesting history and majestic architecture on the Black Sea coast is not an impossible dream. This is the opportunity! The opportunity that you must not miss!

Leader Education is actively taking positions to improve the standard of living, development and innovation in medicine around the world. We are the part of the large pharmaceutical holding company in Ukraine, “Progress Pharm” that imports and sells the innovative medical products aimed at fighting the oncological diseases and AIDS, which occupy more than 9% of the Ukrainian market. “Progress Pharm” cooperates with the global companies, such as: Dr. ReddysLab, NaturesOnly, Cipla, Alembic LTD, Cadila. Work with the world leaders once again confirms our aspirations and the quality of the services provided in the field of education.

How to become a part of Leader Education

To get to know how to become a part of Leader Education please fill up the application form.

Do not miss the opportunity to get the higher education in Europe! Discover the prospects of the interesting, popular profession that can make the world better together with us.

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