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Abhishek Deb Roy


Uttar Pradesh

Student of 1 course

My Story

How did I choose the university?

Once I was just scrolling some educational websites, I came across Leader Education website and saw some unique colleges on that page, and among the all, Odessa National Medical University was the best one.

What was the main reason for choosing this university? And why MBBS in particular?

Coming to the point of choosing the university, Odessa National Medical University has some great departments in it, and over that, it has vast knowledge to get. And when it comes to choosing the MBBS, it is like my dream because I have seen my dad, my uncle, my aunt as doctors, and so I had a big dream of becoming a doctor as well. So right now I have conquered my dream.

Why did I choose Odessa?

In the terms of education, especially for the medical one, it gives one of the finest base for your medical field and yes, Odessa is one of my favorite destinations.

How did I find Leader Education?

Well, once surfing on the internet, I came across this page. And after that, what you need is a right path for your career, and these people gave me the right path. I sent my request online directly from the website and the manager from Customer Care in Agra contacted me and provided me with the detailed information of the services provided and how to get admission to Odessa National Medical University.

What fears and doubts did you have?

Honestly, I didn’t have any of them because if I have to conquer my dreams, then I have to fight up with my fears and I have to clear my doubts. And yes, Leader Education supported me in fighting up with my fears and doubts. Well yes, and the vegetables taste differently here due to a different climate. But overall it is ok.

Can you please tell us few words about your flight and the hostel?

Ahaa, flight was very good, comfortable and a cozy journey till the Odessa hostel. I promise you guys, after coming to the hostel you won’t feel that you are in Odessa because our hostel is purely like mini India. It is home away from home. There is always a good variety of options to choose from and you can fly either nonstop to Kiev and then the company representative will meet you at the airport and take you to Odessa, or you can fly to Dubai or Istanbul with the further flight to Odessa where Leader Education manager will meet you as well at the airport and take you to the hostel.

Tell us please about your communication with the Ukrainian people and how you take part in social life.

Ukrainians are good. They never get rude with you. They try to communicate with you even if you don’t know Ukrainian. But they are basically good. About social life? Guys, Odessa has lots of happiness and joy all around the city. You just need to explore. I took part in the song and dance contest arranged for all the students of Odessa where our Indian team took the 1st place. Taking active part in social life gives me more chances to meet new friends and help to level up the cultural life.