facts about education in ukraine

facts education in ukraine

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5 surprising facts about education in Ukraine

Someone dreams about studying in Oxford or Sorbonne, but clearly understand and admit impossibility of it for one reasons or another. Though, who knows — maybe you so determined to enter the one of the best institutions of the world, that there are no obstacles in front of you. But now we won’t talk about getting the highest goals in life despite all barriers. Instead of that we will review some facts about education in Ukraine that will probably pleasantly surprise you — so let’s get it started!

№1: Unbelievable mix of cheapness and quality of tuition

We already know what question you want to ask — how exactly cheap the education in Ukraine, right? Well, it’s in dozens times cheaper than in most of universities and colleges of Europe and USA. For example, total fees of 6-year course in Ukrainian medical institutions is about $28 000-35 000 in comparison of $200 000-450 000 in United States! Just put aside all your affairs for a second and think about it. Total educational course of getting MBBS or even Master of Medicine degree in costs equals only one year of studying in USA!

Speaking of quality, medical education in Ukraine has been known as a recognizable school that have been formed more than 200 years ago. Today the oldest and more new educational establishments give their students the highest-level knowledge and all graduates become the outstanding specialists in different directions of medicine. And it’s just a beginning of interesting facts about education in Ukraine, especially for the international entrants.

№2: Extensive choice of institutions

Ukraine proposes to you a huge list of educational establishments with loyal costs and interesting specialties. Highlighting the medical institutions, it need to be said that in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa and many other cities are located the most big and respectable universities in this field. There are almost 20 establishments with higher rank of accreditation in the country — you can search common and more detail information about them on the official web sites. You will find next important moments there:

  • List of faculties and specializations
  • History of establishment and it individual features
  • Requirements and conditions for entrants
  • Main contacts

Also you can contact us to know more about most convenient and interesting to you institutions. In addition to this we consult and guide foreign entrants not only in frequent questions but help you to choose university too.

№3: No IELTS or TOEFL tests for admission!

Despite all advantages and options of studying in other country, many of entrants feel a little bit stress of requirement to pass language tests like TOEFL or IELTS. This part of admission campaign makes thousands of young and ambitious people nervous, but not in Ukraine. Before pre-admission exams in this country international entrants don’t need to pass those difficult language tests. Isn’t it a very attractive fact?

№4: Accommodation in separate comfortable hostels for international students

Besides all pre-admission and studying advantages in Ukrainian educational establishments, you must know that universities also care about the accommodation of foreign students. International entrants live in special blocks of hostels separately from other students. Of course it’s doesn’t mean that you can’t contact with them — foreigners live in such conditions because it significantly simplify communication and adaptation for them.

As a rule in one hostel room live 3-4 students and the fees varies from $500 to $1000, depending on type of the room — double or three person’s.

№5: Postgraduate education after the main course

And once again let’s talk about opportunities of students exactly in medical universities. Basic course, which lasts 4 years — is not a final destination. If you want to get the higher degree, you can enter the postgraduate faculty at the same institution. It gives you an opportunity to improve your skills and become more valuable specialists with great career perspectives. By the way, such option students have not only in medical institutions in Ukraine.

For everyone who interested in education in Ukraine interesting facts help to make a clear decision in choosing of the further path in life. We hope we gave you the useful information about admission and other educational features in Ukraine. Check out our blog more often and find new interesting details!